Bits and Dotes galore

Catch-up post.
Sound of the week: “Bah Bah!” I swear this means he is asking to nurse. In fact everything he says seems to be with meaning-
Bah Bah
And I swear last night I heard “I love you”! LOL
A week ago (Feb 2nd) I caught Andy rolling over from belly to back but haven’t seen him do it again. He rolls from back to tummy often though.
The big metal can of peanuts makes a great toy. As do Pringles cans.
Andy holds arms open when he wants to be picked up now. It’s so sweet!
If you put a Gerber fruit puff between his thumb and first finger, he can put it in his mouth.
Andy can sit up to about 30 seconds without falling now.
He watches every move Brendan makes and thinks he is so funny.
Still breastfeeds and still loves it. I still use the football hold 95% of the time but with 2 thick pillows behind me now. He still kicks the wall. I am thinking a couple more months and I’ll be happy to start decreasing the mounds of formula we have sitting in the closet. Until yesterday I paid less than a dollar or got free every bit of it. I’m starting to use formulas checks of lesser amounts now though since they are expiring on me.
He loooves food. He has to have a bite or 10 of everything. I just bought his first couple jars of stage 3 foods, though I am only giving him about half of their contents. He loves bits of bread and green beans and bites of yogurt and pudding.
But, my G*d he has been whiny and drooly.
“Hey Mama Look at me!!! I’m the woman!” (as he climbs onto headboard of his bed)
He pointed out his dirty fingernails and asked me to cut them.
“Thank you for cleaning Mom.” Haha
J: “Gas is something you put in a car.”
B: “Oh, I forgot!”
He’s always talking about gas this or that.
Bren practices writing with tiny precise marks. And has actually opened a few coloring books this week! We have posters and posters loaded with teensy Charlie Brown scribbles. I cut the cars out from a box of Cars cereal and taped them to one board and he had been drawing on it for days now.
Bren wipes his face with a wipie and says, “Mama, look! I’m shiny!”
Coloring + Runny nose = Marker mustache

Andy takes after his brother.

DH has been working a lot of side jobs lately. It is very tiring being stuck in the house with whiny kids, little real conversation and practically no breaks. But the extra money is good and I’m trying not to complain. More often than not we’re complaining of dry spells, not wet ones.
Bren has been sleeping on a pallet on our bedroom floor for who knows how long since he was having awful night terrors. He has been pushing us to our limits and it has been taking 45 minutes to get him to lay down and be quiet. We’ve been talking of moving him back to his own bed since before Christmas. Well, a couple of nights ago he stomped on my last nerve by refusing to settle down as usual and then in a deliberate act of defiance he picked up all his bedding and threw them down in a heap. That was that. I made him go to his own bed.
Bad move.
I left both our doors open and fought him all night long to get him to stay in his own bed. He finally fell asleep in the wee hours (in his doorway) but woke up soon after when he wet the bed… uh, floor. He never wets at night!!?! He then stayed awake until 8:00 am!!! Finally he crept into my room and took over DH’s half of the bed since he had left for work. I was tired so I let him. Of course, then Andy woke up…
So after a bit of thinking (gonna have to do this in baby steps…), last night I put Andy’s lamp in Brendan’s room so he could sleep in a more lit room and sat on his floor for an hour and 15 minutes until he fell asleep. I sure hope he goes to sleep quicker tonight. I think I’ll stay where I was tonight but then sit further and further away after that until I’m not there anymore. Wish me luck. Sleep issues are NOT my favorite thing. Especially with a baby who still gets up to eat at night.
Oh, and some research has shown me that low levels of estrogen and progesterone produced when breastfeeding can make sex hurt. Badly, to put it bluntly. I’m sure my OB could help but I’m broke and it’ll only be a couple more months now. Just thought I’d mention it in case some other woman is as baffled as I was (“After a c-section?!”). Also, still no AF. Wheeee!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day!
    The boys are getting so big. Yours and mine! 🙂
    We’re onto Cycle 5. Bummed, but renewed with *new* hope. Ahem, if you get my drift. 🙂

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