My little boy is 6 months old!

WOW! My lil Andy is 6 months already. Just BFing on the one good (right) side has made a big difference. No more fighting the empty side and I’ve cut feeding time by at least 1/3. I BF him 6x a day usually for about 12-13 minutes each time. I haven’t had a single supply issue in about 6 weeks now. Wheeee!
He is very close to sitting up on his own, he rolls like a champ and can now pick up Gerber puffs with his thumb and forefinger. He loves his puffs and if you shake the container he goes wild and starts searching his tray for them. lol
He’s now wearing 12 month clothes. Some fit just right and others are a bit big, but then again some tags say to 20 pounds and others start at 20 pounds. He’s about 18 pounds right now.
He’s starting to want more than a stage 2 jar of food but the little bits of pasta and carrots and stuff in stage 3 jars are too much for him. He’s fine with foods like rice and shreds of cheese but when you mix mush with solid it confuses him. He’s young for it anyway so I’ll just have to open another small jar for now. His current favorite foods are cherries, blueberries, puffs and refried beans.
Darrell and I have patted his mouth when he is chatty to make “bwah bwah bwah bwah” sounds. He has figured out how to do that on his own with a toy now. I remember Brendan doing that too but it seems to me he was older.
Andy loves to play with water bottles and to chew on his right foot. LOL
Brendan has started watching Scooby Doo now. He imitates Shaggy with a perfect “Scooby Dooby Doooooooooo” and can laugh just like Scooby- sort of a “Reee hee hee heehee”. It’s hilarious.
He gets a runny nose pretty regularly- he’s apparently allergic to something. Last night I was giving him some red cold medicine in a syringe. He always wants to squirt it in his own mouth and I finally decided to let him. He was sitting in my lap and squirted the first 3/4s in just fine but then the syringe jammed. He tried banging the end a few times with his hand then he pulled it out of his mouth and pushed on it again before I could stop him. I gave a little squeal as the red stuff flew through the air about 2 yards away and landed all over our blinds. I started laughing uncontrollably and Brendan turned to Darrell and stated “no more drink for me…” Hahahahaha.
Brendan’s big thing right now is relearning to sleep in his own bed in his own room. It’s frustrating. He only goes to sleep if one of us is nearby- like sitting in the hallway. Even then he usually takes forever to fall asleep. Once he is asleep he is good for 7-8 hours but then he is up for the day. I don’t know how he is managing this but with the exception of one nap I forced on him yesterday he hasn’t slept any more than this. Of course I am really tired. Andy still wakes up at night too and the past 2 nights he has refused to sleep in his pack n play. He sleeps right up against me and it drives me nuts! Methinks it is time to put him in his own crib but I don’t have the energy to fight with both of them at bedtime.