Thai pineapple rice

Remember those posts I awhile back about the Asian Home Gourmet spice paste packets? Here & Here I tried another one last night- these things aren’t merely good but really excellent!
I made Thai pineapple rice… wow!! I reserved the juice from a can of pineapple chunks and used it as part of the water required to make 3 cups of rice. Then I used the spice paste from the packet, which had some oil in it, to stir-fry the cooked rice in. Then, near the end, I added the pineapple chunks and it was FANTASTIC! I’m definitely making it again next week if I can get to the market.
DH and I are starting a kind of detox diet where you wean yourself from unhealthy eating habits. My main 2 are sugar and the caffeine. This diet is largely fruits and vegetables with lowfat dairy, a few eggs, oatmeal and brown rice. It goes for 9 days starting Sunday. I hope to lose a couple pounds but not a lot since I am still BFing. I really hope DH loses more than a couple. He always loses faster than me on a diet and his jeans are too tight.
The weather has been perfect for afternoon walks as well. Bren has been enjoying his bike but he is getting too big for it. His Mimi and Papa are getting him a scooter for his birthday. I hope he likes it!!!