I’ve made it through 48 hours now of the detox- very little wheat, no non-naturally occurring sugar, no meat, and I cut my caffeine down about 75% (now one can of diet cherry coke). Lots of brown rice and oats and beans.
I eat plenty of carbs and protein and calories though my fat is probably less just because I’m not eating meat.
I have actually had withdrawals!!! I’ve had headaches the past 2 nights- probably from the lack of caffeine but maybe sugar as well. I’m amazed at how much the caffeine apparently affects me and I know a diet coke always helps when I *have* a headache. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. I can just imagine how many people would be out sick for a week if they ever made coffee illegal!! I actually thought by allowing myself 1 soda a day I wouldn’t be affected.
I heard yesterday that Pepsi and Coke are releasing the amount of caffeine in their drinks (can of Diet Pepsi- 36mg & Diet Coke- 45mg) and that Pepsi is now making a Diet Pepsi MAX- with MORE caffeine.
Anyway… still waiting to feel BETTER from doing this. I wonder if Andy got a headache from me skipping the soda?
I have to hand it to vegetarians who do it for their beliefs- it’s hard to stay away from meat! I wonder if I will lose the cravings or if they are going to dawg my every move this whole time??