Detox ends

We decided to go visit the in-laws for a week. We leave tomorrow so today is the last detox day for me. A whole week! Too bad it couldn’t have been Tuesday we went. I was so close to the 9 days…
Do I feel better? Actually, no. :/ That may have something to do with less sleep that usual this past week though. I should have been able to catch up by today but Darrell has been crazy-busy at work.
Do I feel normal? Yes, I finally got to where I feel normal without the sugar, caffeine, etc. No headaches, not so tired. And my cravings for them have lessened considerably. Day 1 I was a mess by bedtime. Last night I calmly ate grapes. BIG difference. 😀
Now if I can just minimize sugar and caffeine for awhile it’ll all have been for the good. And I’m pretty sure I lowered at least my cholesterol with so many oats and no meat. Go me! And DH too!
I have a long list of Bren-bits and Andy-dotes but they’ll have to wait. I’m Solo Mama right now and I have lots to do before we can leave in the morning! Be back in a week or so.