Andy-dotes & Bren-bits

Bren plays real Mario type side-scrolling games now!!
He more often than not starts up conversations with “Hey there buddy!”
After hearing us say “hey guys” so much he now calls either of us “guy”.
He says he is scared a lot and STILL talks about being scared of birds.
He saw a can of Raid on a shelf in the garage and because of the pics of the bugs on it he assumed it was frog food. LOL.
Bren has suddenly “noticed” Andy and will touch him, kiss him and interact with him on his own now.
Andy shakes his head back and forth a lot as if he is saying “no”.
He eats finely diced carrots, bananas, green beans and cheerios now. Green beans are not his favorite at all. Which is hilarious because it is the only veggie Bren will pretty much eat.
If you stand him up in front of you while sitting on the bed facing him, he loves to put his head down and have you kiss the back of his neck.
He loves his exersaucers but his love for the swing is declining.
He loves Baby Einstein movies and will often watch a whole 20 minute episode giving me enough time to shower.
He watches Brendan’s every move and thinks he is just hilarious. 😀
Funny story:
I went up to Brendan as he was playing his game boy on the floor beside the couch. I laid across the couch, put on a cheshire cat grin and stared at him until he noticed me. He giggled and went back to playing. Looked at me, giggled and went back to playing…
After a bit I leaned over, knocked on his headphones, lifted them up and whispered, “Wanna go get the mail with me?”
He said no.
So I said, “Okay, I’ll go. See ya later.”
Brendan replied, “No!!! You can’t go! You gotta watch me.”