Apparently we’re not the only ones

I just heard on the news that 69% of the residents of my county are overweight and 25% have no health insurance. That’s some scary numbers peoples!
In other news…
Today was immunization day. Andy got his 6 month shots and Brendan got his 4-6 year shots. They also turned his MMR shot into the MMRV because they believe by September a 2nd varicella shot will be required. Both did well and we tried hard to make a distinction between “clinic” and “doctor” but he told me when I put him in the car that he didn’t like the doctors. 🙁 He sees his pedi next week and I really want him to be socialable- and he certainly won’t be if he is afraid he’ll get another shot. His pedi is a no-fuss doctor and ALL I need right now is him to be sent off to some high cost specialist to be evaluated further. Seriously, he NEEDS to be around other kids- that’s all. We’re working out the kinks on a plan to send him to Pre-K up at his grandparents’ house for the last few months next year, before he starts K that fall.
Thank goodness he doesn’t need any more shots until he’s 14!!!! And there aren’t any 9 month shots for Andy either. Wheee- a breather!
We took him to a place called Chacho’s for lunch that has a really nice 3 story indoor playground and he worked on conquering his fear of heights. In 1/2 an hour he had managed halfway up on his own! And his fave food is chips and queso so in the end it was a good day for him! We even shared a homemade giant pecan praline.
Oh yeah- and the clinic gave each of us a coupon for free DQ cones!
The baby bug has hit me again. LOL… groan. I have a chubbily wonderful baby and dream already of being pregnant again. I’m crazy. I’m barely hanging on to my wits as it is. But I made it about 6 months longer than I did with Brendan, haha. I think I am in this evil, evil neverending PMS stage (grumpy, angry, tired, oily…). I think my body is STILL trying to ovulate because I feel ovary twinges right now as I am typing. Grrr. Come on AF- at this point I’ll welcome you with open arms. I’d take an hpt but- honestly- what breastfeeding mother with PCOS who has a husband who makes no sperm just ups and gets pregnant the easy way??? Besides… I’m not nauseous.
A good friend of mine just announced that she is 8 weeks pregnant with twins!!! The OB is pretty sure they are identical. How exciting!! She is living my dream- and I know her own as well. I’m a bit envious but totally ecstatic for her! 😀 She has had a bit of misfortune recently so if you are the praying type, please send up some positive thoughts that her and her little ones stay safe and healthy. God’ll know who she is.

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