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I have been puzzled over what I thought was my first post-baby period. “She” started up about 6 days ago (7m2w3d, April 4th) but very scant bleeding. Not at all like my typical period (8 days long, 4-5 heavy). I thought AF (or Fake-F) was gone yesterday but I got a hint of her again this morning. Either arrive or leave- just git your foot outta my door!
With her arrival came an immediate crash in my milk supply. Andy has been fussy and eating a TON of solid food. I noticed he wasn’t making but 1 fully wet diaper a day and for a couple of days I even gave him some watered down juice bottles just to keep him hydrated. He seemed to nurse normally in length and frequency though I didn’t hear many swallows. I was ready to throw in the towel but he started getting more yesterday and this morning all was back to normal- yippeeee! Andy was relieved, I think and it was the first breakfast in maybe 5 days where a “normal” meal of puffs and banana oatmeal was enough to satisfy him.
Andy now refuses plain Cheerios. Bren did this too so I am not surprised but a liitle sad because they are so good for you. I pondered over Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Honey Nut and ended up with the apple. Bad choice- thay are basically regular Cheerios with an apple glaze… that doesn’t dissolve well. They are much crispier. I hope the Honey Nut are not glazed. Anyone know?
Andy’s biggest news is that he sleeps in his own crib at night now. I had done 2 CIO (cry it out) naps prior to starting and he had 2 nights of just a few minutes crying. Now he cries until I am out the door and then he’s done!!! For 10 hours! I am totally boggled and excited that both boys sleep in their own beds!!! DaNcE oF jOy!!! Our bedtime routine is so simple! Both get jammies. DH brushes Bren’s teeth and puts him in his bed. I nurse Andy and put him in his crib. Done. In 15 minutes!
Andy’s 2nd biggest news is that he has 2 teeth! The bottom middle 2 popped up together last week. Just about the same time Bren got his first tooth. He has bitten me twice so far and WOW that hurts. But it is not as often as I thought it’d be.
Andy finally outgrew his infant carseat so he is in a big boy toddler seat now. I miss being able to set him down places in it and not having to use the stroller but dang it was heavy!!
Andy’s toys of the week- an empty altoids tin and an empty baby shampoo bottle. Silly boy.
Brendan was inundated with birthday presents… he still has 3 or 4 unopened ones just waiting. He’s loving it, of course. One of his presents was a scooter with 2 wheels in the back. He’s slowly learning it. He doesn’t like the helmet we make him wear. His first helmet set was too small so we went back and ended up with a helmet and a pads set that were meant for 8 year olds!!! And the knee pads are still too tight! :/
Talking funnies: “Preer Fan” for Peter Pan (thanks for the movie Mimi!) and “Klaw Brudders” for Koala Brothers (from
Bren amused DH a few monrings ago by asking him for a hot drink. They sipped hot apple cider together and had a good time.
Toy of the week: He has been using a marker as a microphone and pretending to be an announcer lately. I think it’s from Cars. He has also been taking the pens and pencils from all over the house and for awhile protested when we claimed one back. He is really into coloring, tracing shapes and letters, and having us write words (mostly names) for him.
Recent quotes:
“push it to the limit”
“My tummy’s talking to me”
“You’re the best girl I ever had in the whole world” Awww…

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  1. Yay on the nighttime routines…and SLEEP! i know your world has gotten a lot brighter! 🙂 Hip Hip Hooray! Good for you in hanging in there….you did it!

  2. Try the Multi-Grain Cheerios. They’re not glazed, but they’re still kinda sweet and REALLY healthy like the plain ones! My daughter (11 months) loves them and I sometimes get to sneak in a bowl for myself too!

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