Addition day

Bren was playing (the LeMOOnade game) and it brought up an addition game where you are supposed to count cups of lemonade… except they don’t give you cups to count. The characters DO hold up their fingers but almost immediately this calculator thingy (where you are supposed to type your anser) pops up and covers their fingers so you can’t really use them. What that leaves you to use is an addition fact like this one…
This is PRESCHOOL???
Bren understandably wanted some help so I tried showing him how to count on his fingers… Bwahahahaha. He got the concept but had trouble keeping his fingers in the right positions and by the time he got the 2nd hand ready he forgot what the first hand was supposed to be. And he didn’t have a hand left to count the fingers with anyway. We did a few where he counted my fingers and then I decided to switch to objects. I picked up him box of Dora dominoes and pulled out 8 of them. I put them face down (pictures are just distracting) and made a pile of them. I showed him how to count out the first number and then add the second number’s worth of dominoes in and then count the total number of dominoes to get the answer. It was hard but he enjoyed it. He can’t do it by himself but he got a good introduction to addition.
Then we put the dominoes picture sides up and I showed him how to put like pictures together to make a big line of them. That was much easier!

One thought on “Addition day

  1. Luke has preschool disney online, too. He loves it. I always tell him to wait on doing the LeMOOnade stand until I can be right there to help him. He LOVES playing that one even though he can’t do it on his own. The dominoes was a great way to get the counting done…I always use my fingers. 🙂 Which is hard when Melody needs them to stop her from climbing up on something in the office. 😉 Sounds like Brendan is doing great!

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