How C. Ryan’s week ended

Poorly. He couldn’t do it. With a couple days remaining in his foodstamp challenge, he apparently had to fly out of town. His open jars of peanut butter and jelly got confiscated (LOL!!) and all he had left was the absolutely unopened bag of cornmeal (polenta, my foot…). But even before the airport incident, he ended his challenge with a plate of porkchops. Because he felt weak.
He admitted he chose his groceries poorly. I am redeemed!!!
And I had even chosen my groceries and planned out a week’s meals that included veggies, produce and meats. Full meals- none of this “banana for breakfast” crap. I even had a few dollars to spare. But, yes, I wouldn’t want to do it often and it took quite awhile to plan it smartly. Coupons definitely would help. No splurges (i.e. coffee or soda or even the chocolate milk my son drinks) is very, very difficult in a long-term situation.
I admire the 3 congressmen who took the challenge and opened up some eyes. Our hungry poor could definitely use a bit more help. No one should be hungry. I rather wish they were delivered a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every 10 days or so, like being part of a co-op. Provide them with healthy selections that vary, not just what foods can be found very cheaply, and give them the money also. And job training and daycare.
How many of us are a paycheck or two away from disaster?