Andy-dotes & Bren-bits

My, my I am so behind…
April 27: Andy erupted his 3rd tooth- to the left of his 2 bottom center teeth. He also had his first 4 wheeler (as Bren sasy it, “poor leeler” :D) ride- and didn’t like it.
End of April: Andy now rolls around the room purposefully and tears up anything he can… well, tear up. The littlest toys have got to go!
Bren sang “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog (from the cartoon Mickey’s Clubhouse) while eating a corn dog and made me blurf my drink. 😀
We all went to go see “Meet the Robinsons” at the theater. Seeing a G rated movie that starts at 9 pm on a school night was pure genius- Andy got to play in his bumbo on the floor beside me and nurse as he wished in the absolutely empty auditorium.
May 7: Andy gives Darrell a bite from his tray in response to “Can I have a bite?”
May 8: Andy seems to recognize his name now.
May 13: Andy has a(nother) bad night in his crib and wakes up crying. I moan and wait a few minutes and he starts wailing “Maaaammmaaaaaa…Dadadadadada” over and over again. Guess he knows who his parents are. Wish I could go back in time and tell myself it’ll gets better shortly. In fact, right after the night I forgot to turn on the monitor… oops.
May 14: Andy bangs his head gently into my own as a game. He loves it!! I say “bonk” after each round and this is hilarious to him. 😀 Same day, he also starts playing peekaboo by covering his own face with a blanket and then pulling it off grinning for a reaction.
This is also the day we start a 6 week weight-loss challenge with my Andy board. We also begin exercising with “Maya the Slave Driver” on a ingenious XBox game called “Yourself! Fitness”. I sputter indignantly when our first workout burned all of 79 calories. But it is fun and a few days later I won 2 step benches off of EBay and we like it even better. Bren joins us a lot and often tells us “Push it! Push it! To the limit!” Kooky kid. 😀
May 18: Andy shows us how he can scoot forward on his belly about 6 inches to reach a toy… not long now… little toys STILL need to go!
May 19: Happy 9 months Andy!!!!
Conversation with Bren…
Me: Bren, are you ready to get out of the shower?
Bren: No… level 2…
Me: Okay… when you get to level 3 let me know and I’ll help you dry off.
Also, Uncle Anthony pays us a visit and much to our delight buys a Wii!! We play for the next couple of days straight. Brendan LOVES Wii Baseball, both pitching and batting. He starts saying “I can’t believe it!!!”
May 20: Andy refuses puffs now and I try Corn Chex… he loves ’em!!! They’re big but very airy and light and not glazed. He also gets up on his knees (but not elbows much) for a few seconds at a time. Not long now… those itty bitties in the big room have gotta go….
May 22: Andy is absurdly cranky… and I finally notice the very tip of his top left tooth is showing. Motrin helps both our moods. Soon he’ll have 4 chompers.
May 23: I started what AF#2 today… another scant period. DOn’t know what to make of them. A 49 day cycle. This time I think my milk supply was lowest in the 3 weeks before she arrived. It’s been hard. Andy seems perfectly content but his diapers just aren’t that wet. Sometimes he’ll drink 2 or 3 ounces from a bottle but mostly he just shakes them and holds them upside down. I am hoping my supply will increase again now that a new cycle has begun. I noticed a big increase last time while up at Gene & Waynell’s.
May 25: Andy likes beefaroni (noodles cut in half) now. He eats corn and peas non-squished. I think Bren is in a growth spurt… he’s been bugging me for food all day.