Bren’s booboo :(

Bren hurt his neck while getting down from riding DH’s shoulders today. I knew he needed looking at when he couldn’t move his neck either up or to the right. Eeeep. I gave him tylenol and for the next hour he acted fine- except he never once moved his head in either direction. I knew he wasn’t playing around.
Of course, today is Saturday. No regular dr visit on a weekend. All mishaps happen on Friday nights or Saturdays with us. :/ DH had thought he heard that MedClinics now had x-ray machines so we went there instead of the ER.
The nurse and doctor were both great with him! The dr checked his spine, shoulder and neck areas and had him do a few arm exercises and head movements. He did jerk in a couple spots when she felt around. She told us his spine appeared to be fine but they took 2 x-rays just to be sure. THAT was a challenge. 😉 Nothing seemed out of place. Diagnosis- muscle strain. He’ll be better in 2-3 days. Give him Motrin.
Dr visit + 2 xrays- $153. Well worth knowing he is okay. I can only guess how much more an ER visit would have cost.
We are wiped out. Brendan, however, is quite happy with 3 shiny Shrek bandaids on his neck and an ice cream cone. LOL.
His very last ice cream cone. Ever. He weighed *49* pounds.