Bren update- last night he was finally able to tilt his head upwards. That was the last to heal. It took 4 full days. It’s been hard keeping him from bouncing all around.
I’ve started weaning Andy and I am about 80% fine with it. I’ve seen it coming and have slowly come to terms with it. I didn’t absolutely adore BFing in the beginning. Without the late night sessions I might have. But lately, it has been quite nice. He’s so cute holding my shirt and rubbing his face with it, playing peekaboo with it. He obviously loves breastfeeding. He always has. But the past month has been very difficult- I am just not producing enough for him. His diapers have not been wet enough at all. Instead of always wondering if he is getting enough to drink, I’d like to just know. It’d be a relief. So I have been giving him about 3 bottles during the day. He will sometimes take 4-5 oz but mostly just 2 oz at a time. That’s fine.
I just want him to be okay with the formula- not get sick over it. The past 2 days he has had bad diarrhea. I don’t know if it is the extra formula on it’s own (he’s never had trouble before) or if he is sensitive to lactose or what. It also could be that the past 2 days he’s had Similac instead of Good Start. I bought him some Isomil DF (soy formula for diarrhea) that worked wonders for Bren once. It is already helping. The real test will be when he’s done with it and back to regular formula. If it makes him sick again we’ll have to go visit the dr.
I still nurse him at least 3 and most of the time 4x a day. That’s how he falls asleep and I know I have at least a few ounces in the morning for him. It does me good to see wet diapers again. I waited far too long but I had to try to work through the dry spell.
It’s only 12 or so more weeks until he is 1. That has always been my goal so I did well. I don’t know when I’ll fully wean him. I waver between wanting to be done with it and not wanting to have to train him with a new method of falling asleep. His sleeping is really great right now- he sleeps in his crib for at least 1 nap and all night now without fuss, for the most part.
I really, really hope he doesn’t have milk sensitivities though. My family is fine with milk but I have no clue about the donor’s issues. Soy milk- blech! 😉
Bren has really interacted with Andy the past few days. I hope I got a good picture of the 2 of them. 😀 It is very hard to get them both smiling and both in the frame together!!
Also, Andy opens his fingers now when you move his hands together in a clap. He loves clapping and rolling a ball around. He also startled me by snapping his fingers 3 times the other day. I’ve since seen him try to do it again but couldn’t make the sound. He has been watching DH, lol. He also has the teensiest bit of both his 2 top center teeth popping through.
Brendan is moving up levels with his video game skills. He has been playing on Nickjr.com and Noggin.com, etc. Some of the games are hard! He especially loves Scooby-Doo and Diego games right now. The SD game uses the keyboard to move around and the Diego one involves switching back and forth between Diego and Baby Jaguar and utilizing each ones special skills to collect bottles in odd locations. I’m impressed! 😀