Oprah’s smoothie recipe

Oprah mentioned her smoothie recipe on her latest Bob Greene epsiode. I tried it this morning (except I used vanilla soymilk and chocolate syrup). It was okay but I can detect chemically tastes much better than most people (I can also smell things before other people, I wonder if it’s related?) and soy is one of them. I can hack soy in soy rice cakes and soynuts and if spiced really well, soy protein like fake hanburger meat. Apparently I can’t hack soy milk though- even vanilla flavored in a smoothie.
Hungrygirl is always touting Almond Breeze for her smoothie recipes. I think I’ll make Oprah’s recipe again except I’ll use unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze + Splenda instead of soymilk. I’ll let you know. Otherwise, it was a very good recipe.
I used 8th Continent brand. Does anyone know if Vanilla Silk is any better? Leave me a comment!

One thought on “Oprah’s smoothie recipe

  1. Hi, Jen. L & M drink Silk’s Vanilla soy milk; Silk is good to me (although we’ve never had 8th continent so no comparison to note). I was on Rice Milk (Vanilla) when nursing M so that she didn’t have the same potential to have a milk allergy that L did. It was good, too. Maybe Rice milk would taste better to you. Give it a try.

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