Being chef-ish today

I am making “huaraches con puerco adobado” tonight. DH and I listened to a food podcast last week and they talked about them. They are masa mix cakes (think pancakes) shaped like little sandals (huaraches means sandals in Spanish) and panfried in a small amount of oil and then topped with chile and lime marinated pork balls and fresh salsa made from garden tomatoes and no heat jalapenos (this is my first batch!) and onions, lime juice and cilantro.
I also made a reduced sugar Peach Creme Cake. My own invention but heavily inspired by this kraft recipe. I’m taking Cinnamon graham crackers and lining the bottom of a 9×13 pan with them. Then I am covering them with a filling made with SF vanilla pudding mix, 3/4 cup pureed peaches, 1 t apple pie spice, 1 cup milk and a container of SF Cool Whip (mix that in last). Another layer of graham crackers, another of filling, another of grahams and a thin top layer of filling. Cover and refrigerate 4+ hours. The grahams are supposed to soften and resemble an eclair type dessert with peach filling. YUM!
I was only able to do this much today because Andy is currently fascinated with the sippy cup cupboard and Brendan with playing at washing dishes in the sink. 😉