What IF?

DH has an interview for a potential job on Monday that is 6 hours away from here. The What Ifs are killing me. I can just imagine me here alone without adult company, assistance or a car, trying to pack a whole houseful of crappola my DH can’t be parted with (and some of my own not to mention a BUNCH of toys) while he is up there starting a new job all by himself. All the while watching the kids and my usual mothering stuff.
Will the house sell? Will we find another within our rather small budget? Will this interview be a waste of time?? When DH first emailed them he asked the salary and they replied that it started out at what he currently makes. He was nice and replied back saying that was what he made now and he was looking for $15,000 more so,even though the position is perfect for him, thank you, but he’d keep looking. They immediatley replied back with- due to his experience, they’d bump it up some, please come meet with us.
So KNOWING what salary he requires to make the move and still wanting to meet him… would they really go up $15,000 or are they being cruel and making him take off work and spend $100 in gas for a dead end?
UGH!!!!! Half of me wants to start packing now to get ahead of the game and the other half is saying Whoa, Nellie, it’s just an interview. And ALL of me is wondering if we’re on the threshold of a really big change in our lives and will it be a good one?