Am beside myself… can you see two of me?

DH and Bren have been gone 6 hours now. It is creepy quiet. Andy is acting out of sorts- I guess he’s never been separated from Bren this long. Come to think of it, neither have I.
A big thundery storm came through a bit ago. Good chance more is coming too. Adds to the creep factor. So does having no computer game or cartoon sounds in the background.
I made a giant potato salad (with ONIONS and CELERY! Ha!) and heated up a divine mesquite smoked brisket. I’m set for the next 27 hours or so in the food dept. 😛 The brisket is so good that I didn’t even put any kind of sauce on it. Andy loves the potato salad as long as I don’t goof and give him a sliver of onion. Haha. Just like his Dad.
DH is well equipped with new clothes and new leather notebook. We spent until 3:15 a.m. completing his application. Ack. And then I cut his hair!! Of course, just as I was dozing off at about 4 a.m. Andy started crying. That kid….
We’ve both put more emotionally into this endeavor than we meant to. I hope it works out and he loves it and moving doesn’t take out of me what I think it will. *Crossed fingers* And if he thinks he’ll hate it, I hope he declines instead of deciding to bear with it. Money isn’t everything.