Techno boy

Andy is following in the footsteps of my techo boys quite nicely. Yesterday he found Bren’s squarish kid’s digital camera and held it up to his ear and chattered away, with lots of Dadas thrown in. It was obvious he was calling Daddy on the phone.
This morning, in a fit of desperation for just 3 more minutes of remaining horizontal, I handed Andy a small calculator. He immediately picked it up, pushed a few buttons and turned to the tv, fully expecting it to turn on.
Wish Darrell luck on the interview. He and Brendan are going up there tomorrow. They’re bringing Mimi back for another visit. 🙂 Despite this just being an interview, we can’t stand not planning for if it works to our specs. Bits of conversation include what large items to keep, do we need to hold a garage sale and how to move the rest. It’s hard to sit still.