Andy learned something new yesterday. ANGER. Boy, can he get MAD now!!! He and Brendan were playing in the tub with all kinds of toys and lots of water. Andy was having a ball because I usually bathe them separately, giving Andy only a toy or two and a trickle of water. When I pulled him out he screeched and kicked and hollered. Oh my. You’d think he’d done it a million times before.
We went shopping to get Darrell some nice interviewing clothes. He got a nice light gray dress shirt that has a touch of blue in it to go with his darker gray pants that have a touch of blue in them. We also bought 2 ties with grays and… a touch of blue. LOL. The ensemble works really well. New clothes always make me feel good about myself, I hope it does for him too. Not that he lacks in the confidence department. He even said he’s looking forward to this interview (huh??! lol) because it really doesn’t matter if he gets the job or not. It’d be totally opposite if he were currently jobless.
The plan is now for him to go up the night before and the boys and I stay here. That’s a switch. Usually it’s us that’s gone.
Also, Brendan’s hair is much darker brown than it used to be. Andy Andy still doesn’t take more than a few crawl-steps at a time. He slithers like a snake quite well.
Brendan keeps asking for a Pokemon game. Haha. Not until you can read!