Bits & Dotes

Well, Andy woke up about 1 1/2-2 hours early. Then Brendan did as well. DH had to leave for an early consulting appt- and they pulled their “we’re not ready for you yet!” act on him the 2nd week in a row. Can’t you people call the night before?!
So we are all up.
Andy is being cute. He’s in his highchair eating banana bread and saying “bite… bite… hahahahahaha” over and over. He’s happily babbling and swinging his feet and chuckling. Evil morning baby. LOL.
Reminds me… Bren is getting better at noticing Andy. He really can’t help it- Andy is so obviously thrilled with any Bren attention he gets. Andy has taken to escaping to the bathroom any time he can. He loves the tub and once vaulted himself face first into it before I got to him. Last night, after realizing Andy was no longer in the room with us, DH went looking for him. He peeked into the bathroom and Bren was standing in the tub singing to Andy who was kneeling on the floor hanging onto the side. Awww. Bren really does a lot with Andy when we aren’t paying attention. 😀
Here are some of my notes that I’ve been lax in posting about:
July 1st- Andy pulled up to his knees beside me while I was eating rice cake snacks. Kept saying “Bah! Bah! Bah!” I do believe he meant bite! 😀 Also, makes a choking sound or a fake cry to get my attention.
July 2- Bren: “This is gonna be the great food I ever yummy!”
July 5- Andy has 7 teeth- 4 top and 3 bottom. Turns off his nursery room light when you hold him close to the switch.
July 6- Bren: “Mom- would you cut out?” Haha- he meant cut IT out.
July 7- Me to Waynell: “All this stuff is Darrell’s to pack or figure out. Darrell’s bookcase… Darrell’s stuff in the storage room…the garage… and then most of what’s left we can’t pack yet… current clothes and bedding, our dishes….”
Brendan chimes in: “our hands, our eyeballs….” Lol!
Also, Mimi sat down on the couch next to Bren. Bren tells her “sit your butt down there (points to florr), there isn’t enough room on here.”
July 10- Pulled up to a stand 3 times on Mimi’s legs. Also day of tub. Note to self: Keep bathroom door closed.
7/14 Andy is the army crawling master and just now is doing some regular crawling. He says Mama, Dada, Mimi (his grandma), bite (bah), more (moh), hi and he understands “go get it”, “come here”, his brother’s name, ball and “up” (ie pick you up). He’ll even say “Wah?” when you call his name making him easy to find. He eats very well but is starting to refuse some veggies. He likes bold flavor!!!
He claps, high fives, snaps his fingers, waves hi/bye, bonks heads, kisses when asked, lays his head on your shoulder and croons “AAAAAA!” when you pick him up and loves balls of any kind, the foam tub letters, bubbles and magnets on the fridge.
ETA: Huh. As I was standing at the sink doing dishes, Andy crawled up, raised his arms and said, “Bup? Bup? Bup? Bup?” He wants UP!!! 😀 WOW, not yet 11 months and he says 7 words!
AF started yesterday (33 day cycle). Today = hormonal mess. I haven’t been taking any Metformin because I don’t want to pay for it or a gyn visit so it is good to see a normal for me length between visits.