Paul Revere’s pizza

DH’s request since he did a buttload of yardwork today. We have driven by it but never stopped. It’s been on his “must hit” list for awhile. We looked it up on the net and it’s a chain- largely in Iowa but another location here and there, one being here. The only one in Texas.
Anyway, just ordered a bacon cheddar thick crust and an italian sausage black olive. Plus the smallest order of ribs because I’ve always wanted to try St Louis style bbq. I don’t think I ever have. Supposed to be vastly different from TX style.
$30. WIth a coupon. Ouch. I hope it’s worth it.
ETA: Official Review
Pizza- their crusts are a notch thinner than I think they should be- Thick was original to me and while not crunchy, original was too thin. So that was a tad disappointing.
They got my order wrong. My pizza was supposed to be extra sauce (I could hardly detect any and couldn’t taste it at all), substitute cheddar (check), bacon (only got it on half the pizza) and onion on half (check). The bacon was good and plenty, the onion was minimal. Tasted fine. Not greasy at all. Could have used more cheese.
DH’s pizza was made correctly to his specs- you could taste the extra sauce and they gave him a ton of black olives. The sauce was really good. The crust was fine but nuthin special. The sausage- I don’t even remember it so nuthin special there.
My ribs…. UGH! Meltingly tender… NOT! They weren’t even RIBS- but rib ends or something. They were meaty (though not high grade meat) but the sauce was really excellent. I got such a small amount for $5 that I was disgusted before I tried them. It looked like a doggie bag of rejects. Disappointing. Very.
I’ll stick to my Papa John’s- though they recently ticked me off too by refusing to honor the coupon in the paper. Huh?! They almost lost me as a customer but I can’t find better pizza. We did go to a different location for awhile though. I will NOT pay $15 for a single large pizza unless it is chicago style.
I wonder what kind of new places we’ll get to try if we move? I know there is a Pizzeria Uno near the Ft Worth train station. YUM!