I ran across these books at Target. I am in love with them. I immediately bought Brendan “My Book of Easy Mazes”, “Let’s Sticker & Paste” and “Let’s Fold”. All say for ages 2, 3 and 4. I’d be dang impressed to see a 2 year old do any of it.
“My Book of Easy Mazes” was an instant hit. He discovered it on the table and started working on them without me even aware of it. The mazes are amazingly detailed and beautiful. He tells a story to himself as he goes through them. I can’t wait to advance to the other Maze editions.
“Let’s Fold”- This one is tough. Precise folding is a difficult skill to master and he loves the results, but the process… not so much. I help him a lot on these and he enjoys the results.
“Let’s Sticker & Paste”- He hates the idea of free play. Give him a blank ocean and some fish stickers and he doesn’t want to do anything. Give him a picture of an apple with a big white circle in it and a round red sticker- and he wants to get the sticker just so on it. He likes to fix and obvious problem and do things with obvious answers. He did this one just now and I have to laugh- only 1 correctly placed item. To give him credit- here in the land of sun & heat, he doesn’t remember what mittens are and has never seen a scarf. But the shoes make me laugh the hardest. Rotating them didn’t occur to him. LOL. I was rather impressed with the explanation that stickers are a pre-pasting activity. They are learning to paste an object down without having to deal with glue or paste yet.

Except for the mazes, each page gives you dialogue you can choose to use and great instructions. The beginning of the books detail how to use them. They tell you not to progress through the pages too quickly- to leave your child wanting more. And also, to let them make mistakes. That one is hard for me. They are made extremely well with high quality paper and bright colors. They only cost $6.95 too.
I am looking forward to buying more when he has completed these.