Huaraches take 2

I added pureed red bell peppers (2 lg) and jalapenos (2) to my masa dough. Onion would be good too if it weren’t for my DH disliking them. Hidden vegetables!! Both Andy and Brendan like them.
I made the same chile-lime (McCormick) seasoned pork bits but after marinating them in the seasoning for a few hours, I added a T of cornstarch to the bag and coated them and then fried them in canola oil with the juice of half a lime.
I topped the hot huaraches with jack cheese, nuked them for 20 seconds, added the pork and then topped it all with guacamole made with garden tomatoes, more lime juice, cilantro and jalapeno. Mmmm-mmmmm!
Here’s a pic of the first batch I never posted.