Frugal Friday

If I make a pot of pot roast (I love Kraft’s recipe with Catalina dressing) with potatoes and carrots we have a great supper and I usually have some leftovers the next day for lunch and end up tossing the rest. But I’ve noticed that if I instead stuff a loaf of french bread with shredded pot roast mixed with gravy, we not only use half the amount of meat but the meal is now deemed to be “mana of the Gods” and more sandwiches the next day are not greeted with frowns. It’s just a loaf of bread…. 1 meal for 4 + 1 lunch = $11 or 2 meals for 4 for $6.50 each. To put this in perspective, Hamburger Helper without any coupons costs me $5.50 to make plus the cost of a veggie. I’d much rather have pot roast.