A day full of “exits”

Andy started the day off by vomiting all over the front room floor (Brendan: “That is DEE-SCUST-ING Andy!”). Then all over the living room carpet, right outside his bedroom, at a restaurant (we *had* to go it was a rare family reunion & baby shower- we sat far away) and then bright yellow in the car.
Naturally, he finally kept down some pedialyte and perked up as we were waiting to see the Med-Clinic dr. Of course. “Waste” of $80.
Yup. Good times.
Riddle me this- why do my kids ALWAYS get hurt or sick on the weekend???
On a good note, while we were in triage, Brendan pointed to a sign above a door and said “That says exit.” 🙂 Also, Andy weighs 21 lbs 10 oz. 🙂
Bren is currently having a blast with a N64 Tom & Jerry game that I won off of ebay for some obscenely cheap amount while Andy is chugging bottle after bottle.
Andy has already moved on to the “I’m trying to be brave” stage and can be spotted a couple times daily standing for a bit without holding on to anything. He cruises pretty darn good now.
His first birthday party is tentatively planned for my grandparents’ house next Sunday at 2 pm. The baby shower was a great place to go to see everyone to invite them.
I MUST order a cake. I must follow up with email invites.