A recap of events

All that I can remember anyway. 😉
Andy can walk across a room now (starting Sept 28th- 13m1w)
I had a 13 day AF
My husband has $75 on his casino card because I accidently stuck his card in the machine, not mine. Figures I’d win.
I had a hornet sting me smack on the nose.
I had a huge spider crawl up my leg while shampooing my hair.
Andy was sick. MIL was sick. DH is now sick. Like really sick. I just know I’m next.
Andy now says book (“boo-uh”), Papa, ball, banana (“bah”), & puppies (“puh”).
He also refuses more bottles than not now. But he eats very well.
Andy has 2 more teeth (upper molars?) for a total of 10.
Brendan likes to play golf.
He calls Anthony “Uncle Anthony” now.
Speaking of Anthony- he has a girlfriend right now who has a 2 year old daughter. I hope he keeps her (sight unseen lol) because her age is perfect to be a playmate cousin with my kids and my MIL needs a grandaughter. Kinda takes me off the hook, lol.
He also sings this song from Avatar just like Uncle Iroh. It is uncanny.
Brendan travels very, very, very well. He is so good in the car. Andy, well…. not so much. At all.
Our car is flashing us odd combinations of brake warning lights- but only once in awhile.
I scored a Hooked on Phonics complete reading curriculum set for K, 1st & 2nd grades for a total of $30. Just K and 1st at Wal-Mart right now is $87!! Even better- I love it! We have been reviewing letters and sounds (I never really taught lowercase) so far but I hope this helps Bren to learn how to string the letter sounds together into words.
Brendan is 4 1/2 now. I swear that saying about how kids are at their worst behavior “on the halves” is SO TRUE. The kid does not listen.
But he sure can make me laugh!
Bren’s recipe (Spet 21):
“Level 1- Put breads.
Level 2- Put breads on hot dog.”
(He asked for a “hot dog sandwich” and I was taking too long getting around to making it so he was telling me how.)
Bren’s conversation with Mimi:
Mimi: These dogs are hungry all the time.
Bren: I’m a dog. I’m hungry all the time!” LOL!
He ain’t kidding either. He is always wanting something to eat.
According to Mimi’s measurements he is 3 ft 7 7/8ths inches (43 7/8 inches). I’ll have to compare that to his 4 year height. Before we left he was 46 1/2 pounds. I don’t want to know now. [update: he was 42 5/8 inches 6 months ago. He HAS grown!]
He also out of the blue started asking for cocoa. He must’ve got this from a cartoon since we call it hot chocolate. His first cup was heated chocolate milk with cool whip in a mug and he wants it all the time now. “I love cocoa!”
I have a million things to do. 10 days away is just too long. It is weird being home.

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  1. Glad to hear you are home, safe and sound! Sounds like you had an adventure or two – and the boys are still growing! (do kids ever stop?) Get some rest and we’ll catch up with you later. 🙂

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