Bren-bits and Andy-dotes

I just got my first love phrase from Andy. I was showing him in the mirror how I hug and kiss him and I said, “I love you.” He replied, “I tooooooooooooo” and have me a big hug. Awww. ::Jen melts into a puddle::
Brendan is now playing Wii Sports, baseball. I explained to him what a “foul ball” is and now Andy is walking around saying “foul ball, foul ball” over and over. LOL.
Bren, as he walks out of the room:
“If you need anything, call me. Oh… and if you see a bug, call Dad on the phone.” Teehee. 😉
Andy says “Think, think, think” while jabbing the side of his head like Winnie the Pooh now. 🙂
Brendan and I made Banana bread together and I let him operate the mixer. He loved it!! 🙂
Andy now taps his forehead like Winnie the Pooh and says “think, think, think” and also touches his chin and says “welllllll… hmmmm….” Haha. Hilarious! “Andy, do you want a snack?” used to be met with “Sure!” Now he replies, “Yeah, I doooo!” 🙂
Brendan figured out the step aerobics game on the Wii Fit and has learned _ch, _tch, _sh & _th words and how to count by 2s. Amazing!
Darrell: Bren, stop that or I am going to poke you with my fork!!
Bren: Then I’ll poke you with my *dirty* fork! Bwahahahaha!
We went to Foesta Texas. Bren wanted desperately to ride a roller coaster so Darrell took him on the Roadrunner Express. He *loved* it! He immediately begged to ride it again. Andy took his first ride on the spinning cups and giggled madly the whole time! 😀 Both love fireworks, of course. We were blessed with wonderfully cool weather.
When asked if he wants something, Andy now replies, “Yeah, I do, Dad/Mom!” 😀 Brendan is using his reading a lot in everyday things now. We are amazed when he pipes up with something he could only have read.

Bren: Mom, why isn’t the sun up? I think he’s tired. Maybe he is resting on the couch and not shining. Hmmm…. :D\\
28.0 lbs Andy
55.6 lbs Brendan
Bren can count by 5s!! He also lost his first tooth today on an apple slice!!!
Andy now says “I’ll be right back!” 😀
“How are you do, Mom-Mom?” – Andy
Andy- “Mama, snack!!! No, two snack!!! Peee (please)!”
Bren can do tally marks now and is learning the 3 different kinds of _ed sounds (“ed”, “d” & “t”)
Not quite 2 years old and Andy can use a mouse to move the cursor where he wants to click on a specific item on the screen! 🙂
Andy opened my closet and dug around in it and found the sack of his birthday toys. I heard joyous sounds coming from my room and went to investigate. He had all the Bob the Builder stuff all over the floor and was exclaiming, “Bob! BOB!” He was so flippin’ excited with his discovery!! We opened them all up for him tonight. We also got him a computer game and a DVD. He was so thrilled, the little stinker. He is all about Bob these days. 🙂 After we opened them we all started singing happy birthday to him and he laughed out loud then got embarassed and ran off. Haha!
Brendan’s scissor skills have improved drastically! He also totally gets that this is Andy’s birthday and has not expected presents of his own. He is *so excited* about the circus though and asks me how many “sleeps” until we go every day. LOL.
OMG! Bren can tell time!!! WOW.