Treatise on low carbing

20 days and no weight loss. Harumph. I am metabolically resistant to losing weight and so sick of macadamia nuts (see “Fat Fast” in the book). Time to mix things up again. I switched back to low calorie with whole grains, limited sugar yesterday. I sure wish the low carb thing kept working because I now remember what it is like to be HUNGRY! And to crave things. 1200 calories… sigh.
Once you get the hang of it, low carbing is just easier long-term. And for DH, it is obviously the diet intended for his body!
Speaking of low carbing… some hints if you are interested:
The best Atkin’s Advantage bars are the apple ones. Bar none (teehee). Next come the oatmeal (but 5 carbs), chocolate chip, p.b. fudge, and cranberry-almond- no order. The brownie, p.b. nougat and cinnamon bun bars SUCK! Oh, and the Endulge bars are all divine. So are Russell Stover’s candies with the exception of the Sugar Free Truffle. Blech.
Carbalicious Pizza Kit… actually pretty good despite the fact that the crust starts out as a smeared paste baked at an absurd 550 degrees. Put pepperoni or spicy sausage on it for sure- and 2 cups of shredded cheese.
Tastykake Sensibles chocolate finger cakes rock- despite no frosting.
Joseph’s lavash and pita bread both rock. And are at Wal-Mart for less than $3.
A lot of Dixie Diner’s products just don’t do it for us. The fake mashed potatoes are good added to a mock potato salad and the “Bakesquick” mix is useful and good but the cake/muffin mixes are not too good (though not dreadful) and the lemon meringue pie- well, smells and looks divine, but tastes like crap on glue on cardboard sh*t. ‘Nuff said.
Dreamfields pasta & Bella sauces both rock.
Jok N Al barbeque sauce is decent and Heinz one carb ketchup is wonderful. Don’t try ANYTHING by Walden Farms. Disgusting.
Granular Splenda has 24 carbs per cup! Buy the little packets or the “1 cup” larger packets or the liquid and it is much, much less. Splenda makes great kool-aid.
There is a Target (or is it Wal-Mart?) brand of SF cranberry drink mix (looks like Crystal light) that tastes amazingly like cranberry juice cocktail. It has aspartame though.
Watch out for carbs in sausage and hot dogs. A link can have 8 carbs!
Oh, and READ THE BOOK. Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution. You’d be surprised at how many people “do Atkin’s” yet eat all the fruit they want.
The cravings go away. They really do. Shop at it really is cheaper if you can’t find it locally than the other sites.