Solar Cooking at Park Day

What a fun day. There were 2 presenters and they has 3 different solar cookers with them. It was really neat. We tried brownies and even though our cooker got up to 175 degrees (in 90 degree weather, 9:30-12:00), we just couldn’t stay long enough for them to finish baking. DH had to go to work. I think brownies would take 5-6 hours of great sunlight and moving the cooker to be right in it every half hour or so. We did eat absolutely fantastic (and HOT!) hot dogs, soup and baked apples. YUM! I will definitely try it out again at home soon- our forecast is cloudy and rainy this week.
Sam said he has successfully baked a chicken in his s.c.- It takes 5 hours in perfect conditions. He has never tried any baked goods but he says he is going to try biscuits soon since they are individually sized and would cook faster. He was also a flint knapper and showed us how to make arrow heads and serrated knives from flint (root beer colored flaky rock) or chert (same but an almost white gray). To make a knife/ arrowhead you use a percussion hit- very hard with a hammer-like piece of bone on the very edge to flake off pieces and leave a sharp edge. To make a serrated knife you then punch tiny bits off of the edge with something like an antler tip (or a nail). It was really neat to see.
Lemme tell ya- world disaster and I want HIM at my side.

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  1. You can build a Fun-panel solar cooker in less than an hour from a cardboard box and a few metres of aluminium foil.
    Tom Sponheim
    Solar Cookers International

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