Last night was Andy’s first night without a pacifier. He kicked and screamed and begged for exactly 1 hour then kissed me goodnight and went to sleep. I had purposely skipped his nap so he was exhausted. Today- not so much as a mention of them yet. But it’s just about nap time.
This morning he woke up with Mosquito? bites all over him… on face, arms, hands, legs,… I THINK they are bites anyway. DH *was* exposed to chickenpox a couple weeks ago though. Andy did have the varicella vaccine, 1 dose. Isn’t there supposed to be 2 doses? We are a bit behind… No bumps on chest or back. Weird that they’d pop out all over him and under his pajama pants. 🙁 Poor kid is scratching like crazy.
So the positive side…
I have a legitimate reason to give him Benadryl… the timing couldn’t be better. 😆 He’ll spend less time kicking and hollering at bedtime.
I’ll give the pacifier trauma a few weeks then it is high time he sleeps in his own bed. I’m going back to my husband!! I do think I’ll put him in the same room as Brendan though.