A sample of Brendan’s schoolwork

For later reference, as he nears the end of Kindergarten (this is day 164) this is a sample of what Brendan can do and how his handwriting is. The green words I helped him to read. He was also given a list of spelling words to choose from.

We are nearing the end of a unit on “The Story About Ping” and China and will move on next week to fables and similar stories. I think that’ll be it for units for the year. He only has 2 more of the optional “companion” Hooked on Phonics chapter books I bought. I’m kind of holding off on starting the 2nd grade set so we are reading other things too and concentrating on Hooked on Spelling. For math he is working in a “Time & Money” workbook. It’ll be probably 2 more weeks before we start the money portion. He should be done with Kindergarten by the 24th of October. For November and December I have the “Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills” for 1st grade to keep his brain sharp and I think we’ll read a fun series or two… perhaps the Magic Treehouse books that we have already started. Nothing big because I definitely need a break from school and I am sure he does too.

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  1. I haven’t been over in awhile. How are you? Email me sometime and let’s catch up! Sounds like the boys are growing as quickly as my two. Are you going to TTC soon? Just wanted to drop in and say hi. My new email addy is fullerfamly@sbcglobal.net (no “i” in family).
    Talk soon! Love and Hugs to you all.

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