Bren-bits & Andy-dotes

“I’m back, Mom!” “Come on, Mom!” “Where’s the other b (blanket)?” says Andy. 🙂
“Look Mom, my feet” (booboo, Andy)
“Mom, that was AGES ago!” (Bren)
“Mom, I in trouble.” (Andy)
While watching one of our characters fishing in Mabinogi…
Bren: Oh, it got away, damn it!
Daddy could hardly keep from laughing. Bren’s first cuss word. Oh, boy.
9/15 (Happy Birthday Darrell!)
Did you know cats love cream of wheat?! LOL.
Brendan: Mom! Will you scratch my back?
Jen: (scrathing) Where does it itch?
Bren: Left! No, west!
Jen: Laughing, I’m not sure which direction west is…
Bren: (points to the right) That way, Honey!
Andy is playing all by himself! My baby is growing up!
9/20 Andy goes cold turkey- Pacifiers are “all gone”. It takes him an hour to accept it and go to sleep.
Andy is doing fabulous without his pacifier… except he doesn’t quite know how to drift off to sleep without the soothing sucking. Bedtimes and naptimes are harder now. Going to sleep takes him longer. He has stopped asking for one though. 🙂
Darrell’s weight loss to date is 54 pounds and mine is 36.4 pounds.
2 hour scream fest with Andy at bedtime. He did NOT want to lay down or go to sleep and it was the first time he went to sleep without his beloved blankies. He just didn’t want them. How am I ever going to get him to go to sleep in a bed by himself??
Andy’s passions the past few weeks have been Bob the Builder and Thomas/trains.
Brendan has been crazed over the online game “Mabinogi”- right along with Mom and Dad.
We’re back from the countryside. We had 3-4 days of bee-utiful weather and I feel like I was teased… 85 here today and that is too hot for me!
We went to the State Fair one day (Oy! Too expensive!!!) which was fun. We got to ride the Dallas DART trains. 😀 We also carved pumpkins one day. Brendan finally decided he is going to be a ghost for Halloween and Andy is going to be Thomas the Tank engine.
I definitely wasn’t dieting this past week so I’m back to that. I’m back on Atkins until Thanksgiving. I can’t hack being hungry all the time anymore. Kudos to my DH though for reaching 58 pounds now! 😀 He started out with size 46 jeans and now 40s are loose.
Andy- well, he has hit the terrible twos (“I doan WANT…whine whine whine”). He can be cuddly and funny and a joy and well, not so much just as easily. Sigh. Not my favorite age, especially at bedtime. He is loving the kitties and going outside. I love how he says sausage- “taw aw” LOL. He is still into Bob the Builder, Wubbzy and Thomas/trains. He even sings on of the songs, “Boo Boo Choo-choo! Don’t be afraid of the dark…”
Brendan- he is learning to be considerate of others- mainly, not pushing past people to get in front. He loved the state fair and rode everything he could. 😀 His reading just amazes me. We bought a Wow Wow Wubbzy book and he read every word the first time it was cracked open. He is loving Mabinogi still and wants a pet bird. We took a big break so 9 days left of Kindergarten.
I’m set with an appointment now to see the RE… November 10. It’s a new dr but with the same practice since my old RE moved to Houston. I hope he doesn’t make me do a lot of testing and such. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to simply just have sex to get pregnant! 😉
Andy has really been saying things in sentences lately. Last night he wanted his Bs (blankies) and I had already turned off the lights in the house and was ready for bed. I told him to go get them and he replied, “It DARK Mom!!!” Haha. Then while changing his diaper he saw the Thomas wrapping paper I had against the wall in a nook. He had to see it and I didn’t want to give him the whole thing so I cut him off a couple feet worth. I tried to get him to color on it but he didn’t want that. Then I cut out the 3 trains and gave them to him and he whined about that. So I stuck them on his door and he liked that. He went back to the sheet and whined some more. It was time for bed so I didn’t feel like cutting them ALL out. Instead, I taped the entire sheet to his door, lol. He loves it and says “Hi, trains” everytime he passes them now.
Bren has started to learn about counting money.