Early morning egg report

zzzz…. oh….
Right ovary is producing nicely. 5-6 eggs all right around 11 mm. Some will surely grow and others won’t. Left ovary is playing tricks again and could not be found. Dr seems to think that means it isn’t doing much this cycle. Hah! That’s what they said last time and it made more than the right side. You watch, they’ll pop up next scan and show themselves. I feel twinges on that side too.
Next ultrasound is Monday at 9:15. They are looking for eggs to be 18-24mm. If some are in that range then they will give me the Ovidrel shot right there and I’ll go back the next morning for the IUI. If not, I get to do the shot myself (!!!) and come in perhaps Wednesday for the IUI. Even that is a day earlier than last time.
I am to monitor on my own with OPKs just in case my body decides to ovulate earlier on its own. Haha- good joke!
The Clomid side effects seemed to have worn off a few days ago. I do not like being easy to anger.
For some reason my insurance decided to cover this ultrasound. Why do I have a feeling that’s going to bite me in the butt later?