Another early morning egg report

That’s SIX fully grown eggs!
The first thing the ultrasound revealed was that the area on my uterus around my c-sections scar is on the thin side. The lady doctor then measured these 6 eggs, plus 2 more immature ones, all in my right ovary. She didn’t look too hard for my left hide-n-seek ovary and what she did find was empty… I really don’t think she was in the correct place. I feel twinges and tenderness on both sides so I am fairly certain something is going on over there too. I didn’t press her to search harder because I was afraid they’d cancel this cycle and I can’t afford to convert to IVF. So at least 6 fat & juicy eggs.
I got the “you might conceive multiples” talk. I also got the “you’ve had 2 c-sections, chance of uterine rupture” talk. With the thin area around the scars, I am inclined to agree that another trial at labor may not be such a good idea.
I had the Ovidrel in the stomach shot. IUI is tomorrow morning. I have 6 pregnancy tests waiting. 😀