Mid-February already

We got back for visiting the grandparents yesterday and life has been a comedy of errors since. An arranged playdate at Chuck E. Cheese didn’t show. We met at the place our homeschool arranged for a sports group- and no one else showed. Today I started AF so I called my RE to phone in my Clomid… and they are closed for Pres. Day. I called to refill my Metformin rx and I only have 3 refills instead of 5??? Andy’s computer is messed up and after 11 days of no games he is not in a good mood.
We did manage to get 5.5 out of 6 school days finished while away- including reading Magic Tree House #6 and 7. So that’s good. We also went camping and fishing- and Bren caught 10 fish! We had a very good trip. The kids came back with a grocery sack full of Valentine goodies! My FIL is still more frail than he used to be but at least he is walking now. He recently got diagnosed with skin cancer and thankfully it wasn’t deep and they were able to remove it all. I am so thankful. We had one night of terrific thunderstorms (which I am rather fond of) and thankfully the closest tornado stayed 25 miles away.
So, today is CD#1. Here goes cycle #3!