cycle 3 data

The RE nurse finally called me back. Clomid rx- check. Ovidrel shot rx- check. Follicle appt scheduled for Mar 2 (CD 15) @ 8:30- check. Dr “recommended” a baseline ultrasound for tomorrow morning. Hmmm…
1. I am on my period. Big time. U/S + full force AF = ICK!! ICK!! ICK!! So far in my infertility career I have successfully avoided this one.
2. It means seeing if DH can get off work last minute, taking the time off, and waking the kids 4 hours earlier than normal to sit in the car in the parking lot (remember I don’t drive).
3. It’s another $100-$200. For what? To see if my uterus is still there? I can assure you it is. To see if I have leftover large follicles in my ovaries? Almost certainly no since I took the last month off without more fertility drugs. What is the point?
She said it was only recommended… and I opted out. But I feel guilty.