Follicle ultrasound

CD 15. Things are *much* better with the anger issue. The Clomid really hit me hard this month. In the past 24 hours I’ve had 4 hot flashes too. It is rather ironic that I had a harder time because my body didn’t respond quite as well. I have 1 good egg, 2 that will likely grow big enough in time and a 4th that has a small chance of growing big enough. I’ll do the Ovidrel trigger shot tonight and have the IUI Wednesday morning. One good thing- after enduring a good amount of pain, she really had to smoosh my uterus to get a good view (which oddly felt exactly like a whopper contraction) my left ovary was finally found and it does indeed have an egg! It’s not a dud after all!
Right: 21×18=19.5, 16×15=15.5, 16×13=14.5
Left: 17×15=16
Today I was seen by the lady Dr from my initial visit (Dr. Rodgers). I told her that “if this cycle doesn’t work I’ll be down to my last straw”. Then I laughed because semen is stored in “straws” so it had double meaning. We talked about injectibles next cycle and then I also talked to my main RE as well. There is no question that I make plenty of eggs and he’s not a fan of using injectibles with IUI (the risk of multiples is much greater than with Clomid). He said the quality of the eggs might or might not be a bit higher versus Clomid. He thinks a number of follicles is the thing that matters and I am doing fine with that. I’m not so happy to do the same exact thing if it isn’t working… but he’s the dr.
I also seem to have a slight case of bacterial vaginosis so I have an antibiotic for that. Sheesh, yeast 2 months ago and now this. :/