IUI #3

I had IUI #3 at 8:30 this morning, 33 hours after the Ovidrel injection. I asked for another ultrasound and my follicles grew better than I anticipated. I was really believing we were doing this IUI a day too early. The doctor seemed to realize this because she made sure to explain that her and our main RE analyzed my “success” cycles and everything pointed to earlier rather than later.
Right: 26×23 (up from 21×18), 23 x 19 (up from 16×15), and 17×17 (up from 16×13)
Left: 20×20 (up from 17×15)
Averaging the two numbers together gives me 24.5, 21, 20 and 17. 18 and over is the goal but 17 is considered to usually be big enough to have a mature egg too, so it looks like I had 4 good eggs. Jen is HAPPY! Also of importance is the fact that I had not yet ovulated so I did well taking the shot 9 hours before they told me to. Who knows how long it’ll be before I ovulate… I sure wish they were open in the evenings so I could get a confirmation of ovulation ultrasound. I’d also love to have enough semen to do back-to-back IUIs 24 hours apart. These early mornings about kill us though. LOL.
Anyway, for now I am good. I am going to try and forget for awhile. That seems to work best. When I obsess I just get frantic and time passes slowly. In a couple days the boys and I are going to go to Darrell’s parents’ house again to help pass the time. Be back on the 14th. Then it’ll be time to start testing.
Update, 6:30 pm:
I forgot to mention that the semen sample contained 32 million motile this time. That is FABULOUS! We are only guaranteed 10 million. Also, last cycle I noted that I started having ovulation pains right at 40 hours past trigger. This time they started at 39 hours and now 3 hours later I think I might be done- I’ll update again if I have more. OMG how this hurts. It’s all been from the right side so far.
Update, next morning:
I continued to be very sore for about 6 hours and somewhere in the last 3 of those hours I finally got a “this is it” pain from the left ovary. Even simply getting up out of a chair last night was more effort. I woke up a bit sore still this morning as well. So, based on what I feel alone, I assume I ovulate between 39 and 44 hours post trigger.

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