I read my clinic’s online info about IVF. Afterwards, I made the call and requested the financial info for a cycle of “minimal stimulation” IVF. That is IVF, but with Clomid instead of injectibles. With any luck I’ll make 3 eggs and 2 will fertilize and grow properly and then be transferred back into me. The ball is rolling now. Hopefully 1 vial of semen is enough. I’ll find out more specifics soon.
Basically the plan is…
*Birth Control for x weeks (controls cysts and fits me into their IVF schedule)
*Clomid days 3-7 (just like IUI)
*Follicle monitoring (just like IUI)
*Ovidrel injection (just like IUI)
*Egg Retrieval 35 hours after Ovidrel
*Egg fertilization and growth in lab
*Embryo transfer (very similar to an IUI but with embryos, not sperm)