Cycle Day 15

Well, we just killed off our credit card.
Right: 20, 19.5, 14.5 up from 16, 15, 13 yesterday
Left: 15 (lost the other or we couldn’t see it) up from 13.5
Dr expressed doubt on whether they’ll be able to reach my left ovary during retrieval. Bottom line is I’ll have anywhere from 2-4 ready follicles and hopefully each with have a mature egg.
I trigger with an Ovidrel shot tomorrow at 9pm. I start antibiotics on Sunday. I go in Monday early a.m. for retrieval. I have a rx for vicodin- anyone ever taken it before? How long does a dose last? I’ll be on oh so lovely progesterone vaginal suppositories too. YAK! On Wednesday I’ll get whatever fertilizes and starts dividing put back in. A 2 day transfer.
Puh-lease may there be something to put back in. I get sick when I think that they could not find any.