Egg Retrieval Complete

Wow, do I hurt! Like a c-section but without the prickly staples!!! They got 4 eggs! 😀 I’ll find out tomorrow how many fertilize and how they look.
Apparently I’m chatty when put under… who me???? Haha. I talked through the entire thing…mostly about their ugly elevator!! I had the best anesthesiologist EVER… he even numbed my hand before putting in the IV. He told me he has 20 year old IVF triplets. I didn’t realize it was even over and I had fallen asleep until I felt a few twinges and people started telling me how things went…lol. I don’t even recall any of the doctors, besides the anesthesiologist, ever even entering the room. The procedure itself was completely painless. My nurse was absolutely wonderful too- the rare combinationn of sympathetic, smart AND funny!
I was gobsmacked a couple days ago when my RE expressed doubt that they’d be able to even reach my left ovary (if it isn’t near where the ultrasound machine goes, they can’t reach it because the needles are attached to it). I can now tell they did some pretty severe pushing to reach it!!! I had 5 follicles (#5 was found again!) and 4 contained eggs. And Jen is very happy so far!

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