6 week ultrasound

One heartbeat in the uterus with a heartbeat along the left side of the sack. It was so smooshed against the side that we didn’t really see “baby”- but we did see the yolk sac and the heartbeat. The sac measnured 6w1d. The RE and I disagree on whether I am 6w2d (him) or 6w3d (me). LOL. That patch in the upper right is fluid collecting in my abdomen from being over-stimulated.
We’ll get a better picture in 2 weeks- Thursday Oct 22 at 8:45.
*Jen melts in relief*
Funny, as I was getting more blood drawn for a progesterone test, that song that goes “celebration time, come on!” came on. We had a good laugh.
Edited to add: My prog came back over 70 so I get to stop the suppositories. DOH! I JUST refilled that!

2 thoughts on “6 week ultrasound

  1. Congrats! I always beamed after I saw the heartbeats because it meant that miscarriage rates go WAY down and things are looking good!!! That’s so great!!! Still thinking pink (I know… healthy baby is good too, but pink is good too!). Love to you all!

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