I’m measuring 4 days behind :/ but the heartbeat was 158! I’m released to my regular OB!!!
RE says the h1n1 vaccine isn’t supposed to be here in shot form until end of November! Nasal is a big no-no for pregnant women. Another dr told me to take 25 mg B6 3x a day, 12.5 mg Unisom up to 3x a day and ginger capsules for my nausea. Might try some of that.
Actually, I can’t complain about the nausea. This is the best I’ve ever had of it… knock on wood. But the start of the vomiting had magically always been 8w6d (except for an additional few at 6 weeks with Andy)… and that’s 3 days away. So my longest fingers are crossed.
Oh!!! And I actually made my RE laugh! If you knew him you’d know what a feat that is! They asked if I had had any bleeding or odd discharge. My reply was I’ve had clear, white, yellow, really yellow, pink and brown but no red, blue or green yet. Haha!
Bye bye infertility… may I never meet you again!

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