Sorry my blog was down for so long. It took us awhile to figure out what was wrong.
Passed my 3 hr GTT with flying colors…
Fasting = 77 (65-94 is good)
1 hr = 148 (less than 180)
2 hr = 108 (less than 155)
3 hr = 71 (less than 140)
15 min later I “crashed” and got very shaky and hot while in line to buy food. Considering the minimum for fasting is 65 I can easily see that yes it was low blood sugar that causes that. My instinct was right.
A lady from the billing company my RE uses has called me twice now saying I owe over $1300. It is driving me crazy because I know I don’t! I HATE HATE HATE money issues! 🙁
Tomorrow is the amnio and I am more nervous with each passing hour.
Some Bren-bits & Andy-dotes:
10/19 Happy 8 weeks!!
Interesting things from our trip to Mimi’shouse… Mostly I lounged around and felt nauseous. I introduced Brendan to the gameshow Deal or No Deal and now he is obsessed with it! 😀 I’m going to find a board or dvd game version of it for him for Christmas!
My FIL made the boys wooden swords. ARGH! Men and their fighting crap! I let them play with them but only if they were in the middle of empty grass and nowhere near each other. Despite this, they both loved them, naturally. That definitely got picked as a Mimi and Papa’s House toy. Haha.
My MIL made me an early birthday cake- it was a 4 layered lemon cake with a frosting made of lemon juice, condensed milk and freshly whipped cream. It was yummy!!
The most fun I had was my MIL and I went to the casino one night. We ate in a British Pub- fried fish, chicken and shrimp and played some slots. The last thing we played was a Star Trek game where you actually picked a login name so you could save your progress (and eventually unlock new episodes). That was neat. I got down to my last 2 plays (70 cents) and hit the bonus game. It was the best bonus game ever!! The wheels would roll and if they stopped on any kind of win then you moved to a top screen and your ship fired on another ship with a bonus multiplier. The very first roll earned me $85!!! This bonus game went on until you had 5 non-winning plays (you lose a shield for each one). Then you get a chance to win all 5 back. I played this game for at least 20 minutes!!! In the end I won $178! It was great!
10/20 Andy pedals his bike for the first time!
11/3 Brendan asked how the baby got in my tummy today. I put him off briefly since the timing was bad. Andy came in while I was getting dressed and asked where my penis is. Whadda day.
12/13 The 15th week turned out to be great- much less tired and the first few flutters from the baby!!! I love it!
12/14 Brendan learned how to draw a tent today so we made camping pictures. He did great. He even drew a waterfall on his river! This is Andy’s… snakes at a campfire. LOL!

12/15 By our scale Brendan is 65.6 lbs and Andy is 35.0 lbs.
12/16 A cartoon star Bren drew… 😀

12/17 I think I felt a tiny kick from the outside today. I was just waking up and my hand was over my lower belly… it happens so quickly though- did I imagine it?!

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  1. I wondered what happened to your blog!!! I could never get on and it was driving me nuts!!! Glad you’re amnio is soon. I can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!! How fun and exciting!

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