Amnio appt

Today was the amnio. Wasn’t too bad except they must’ve hit a nerve going in- I had a good jolt down the left side of my body. WOW that was weird- and strong! He said he got a good sample so that’s good. I got a decent DVD of some of the ultrasound but no pics… … and no good shot in the video to take a screen shot of either. I have to go back in 4 weeks for a better anatomy ultrasound because the baby was still a little small for some of the measurements. Measured 16w0d for most things and I am 16w4d today. The specific things they looked for such as kidneys and the brain looked great! Nothing looks out of place.
The dr told us what gender he thought it was but he said it was too early and the baby too small to be sure so I’ll wait out the 2 weeks and let you know when we know for certain.