Anatomy ultrasound

20w4d. Had the 2nd part of the anatomy scan today with the peri. Everything looks perfect! Baby girl weighs 13 ounces now! The head measures 1 day ahead- I forgot to ask overall. Everything from the pinkie fingers to the lips to the heart to the legs look perfect. YAY!

I asked if there was a pain reliever other than tylenol that I could take. He asked what pain was having and I told him about the spot between my left hip and spine on my back. Sometimes it hurts so bad I can’t lift up my left foot. He said it is called the Sacroiliac joint. Apparently it is a fairly common issue with all the pregnancy hormones that relax you in order to prepare for birth. He said I could take an occasional ibuprofen but only through 24 weeks or I can try a muscle relaxant (that’ll apparently knock me flat out) called Flexeril. Considering I’ve been walking around the past several days muttering “my kingdom for an advil,” I’ll take 4 weeks of being able to take it if required!!! He also recommended either massage therapy, a chiropractor or acupunture. I’ll be checking to see if a chiropractor is covered on my insurance.