Airplane Alphabet Banner

Andy (3 1/2) and I did this together today. We all ended up in stitches! First I demonstrated how to trace each letter with my finger, then Andy did his best to trace it with a crayon. I made funny sounds for each letter (ex. B said “Bonk! Hump! Bump!, Z said “Zip! Zap! Zip!”). We also switched between 4 colors of crayons and between each letter I held them up and did something funny (ex. Red said “Pick me, Pick me!”) He thought this was hilarious!
When it came time to put the pieces together, we did it like a puzzle. After picking the first section, we sang the ABC song until our letters ended and then wondered what came next. He’d pick one piece and we’d sing the song again with the new letters on the end. When the letters were wrong I clued him in with a funny voice… which had Brendan howling with laughter.
It was fun! It’s now hung down our hallway wall. I don’t remember where I got this activity from, but if anyone comes across it and lets me know, I’ll happily post a link!
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