Bren-bits & Andy-dotes

1/1 Current cartoon favorite- Garfield & Friends. 😀 Gonna have to make a lasagna.
1/10 Brendan’s clothes fit on adult hangers… waaaah! 😉 Who knew 3 happy meal chipmunks could make 2 kids so happy?
1/11 THAT kind of day…
Learning about digestion (and words like feces & saliva & rectum),
combined with reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”
Hmmm… hahahaha!
1/13 Made lasagna… it was fabulous! I didn’t know I was making it wrong all my life! You gotta make a cheese sauce with eggs!
1/14 The beginning of the Kumon “Let’s Cut Paper” book is perfect for 3 1/2 year old Andy! The tracing one is great too!
1/17 20w6d. First baby jam session!!! She was bopping away in there! Even Darrell felt one tiny pop!
1/19 Brendan and I were reading a book that has pictures of everyday things with both the names of it in spanish and english.
I was asking Andy the english and Brendan the spanish.
So we got to body parts and I patted my chest and asked Andy what it was…
He said “neck.” I said no, neck is up here and I pointed to my neck. What’s this?
And he said “Baby girl.” Awwww……
2/20- First time I pulled up my shirt and *watched* tiny pops over and over come from my belly! I ususally feel movement low down but this time it was more than 2 inches above my belly button!
2/21 I sent Andy off to the potty before bedtime while I was brushing my teeth and he came back pantsless. I handed him a water bottle cap I found on the floor and gave it to him to put in the recycle. He scampers off and comes back- “Hey, Mom! Look at me! I have a cap on my penis!” Sure enough he had managed to keep it stuck on the end! I started off admonishing him but it turned into laughing followed by “go show dad”… hahaha!
Also, we were sitting in a hamburger joint with some friends of ours and had sent the kids off to play video games. Andy comes back, sits in the chair across from me, waggles his eyebrows and blinks in a cute way he does and says “How ya doing, Sweetie Pies?” Hahaha.
3/5 Andy woke me up this morning saying he had an “imagination”. He was swimming underwater. I asked him if it was fun or scary. He said scary. He was under the water with the sharks and whales and I was calling to him from the beach. I guess he took over my drowning nightmare for the night, har har.
3/6 27w6d… got to “Wow, you’re rotund” from DH. YAY! I look pregnant!
3/16 Brendan’s Dream Foods:
Chips with cheese dip
Chicago style pizza
peperoni pizza
sausage pizza
enchilada with enchilada sauce
soft taco with beans and cheese
3/22 “Where is my pencil? Sigh… we’re going to have to start going to Pennsylvania!” LOL