2 months to go!

Here it is March 24th… 2 months to go exactly! I scheduled the c-section yesterday… 12:30 pm on Monday, May 24th!
30w1d OB appt went well yesterday. Dr G was apparently on her 3rd delivery in a row so I saw the NP again. No weight gain but that’s fine. BP was slightly higher than it has been but okay. Trace of protein in my urine again. I measured 1 week ahead, like always. Iron slightly low so she had me go buy “Slow FE” iron pills yesterday. Whole appt was very fast so I snuck off to see the newborns. They are so precious!!! And so small! And I amazed myself by finding the nusery on my own in that maze! Haha.
Now that I know my delivery date, I counted up the appts I have left… only 5! 32 wks, 34 wks, 36 wks, 37 wks and 38 wks. WOW! I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen earlier though… contractions that need to be stopped or I’ll go into labor or my water will break… something. Haha. DH says please, no. 😉
Working on painting the boys’ new Garfield room and still have the nursery letters to paint and a quilt or blanket to buy for the full size bed in there.