Day 4 update

Kayley is Bee-utiful!!! Not a birthmark on her from what I can tell and has a fair good amount of dark hair. She was born breech! She peed and pooped before her head was delivered- haha!
Unfortunately even though I am now home, she is not. She has been in the NICU since leaving the OR. She has lung issues (collapsing, air leaks, rapid breathing, etc.) AND a mystery infection where tests indicate infection of some sort but cultures so far have come back negative so we don’t have any idea what kind or where. She has been on antibiotics since day 1 but this test result = a minimum 7 day NICU stay. We wonder whether her lung issues or her infection will clear up first. Sigh.
It was so hard to leave her there. It is hard to not hold her- I have only 2x and both times she was asleep and had breathing gear on (specifically c-pap). Sometimes she is agitated and we really can’t touch her. Sometimes she is doing well and looks right at me while I talk to her.
Hard also to pump pump pump. I’ve never breastfed her and I wonder if the transition will be soon and be smooth or not… I am pumping fairly well though I never seem to be quite what she is eating. She takes all her feeds by a tiny tube that goes down her mouth and into her stomach. It is kinda cool because they can pull whatever is left in her stomach out again later and look at it- to see if she digested it and more. Haha.
Amazingly, Miss Kayley is a tiny peanut. She started out 7-1 and now is down to 6-9. She is just precious and I hope the next few days are mostly good progress and few setbacks.
Kayley just born…

1 day old…

2 days old…

3 thoughts on “Day 4 update

  1. How sweet! She is just beautiful! Congrats to you and the family, I am sure she will be just fine and her breathing issues will work themselves out.
    P.S….Love the name!

  2. Jen,
    Kayley is beautiful. She looks like her brothers! Isn’t having a daughter a dream?
    I wanted to give you hope on the BFing front. Joshua was in the NICU for 8 days for all the same reasons Kayley is. He had major lung issues and an infection. He nursed like a champ upon leaving the hospital until I weaned him at 11 months. So, don’t worry about that! You can do it!
    Congratulations! I love the pictures… keep em coming!

  3. Congrats Jen!!! Kayley is adorable and I LOVE the name! I hope she comes home soon.

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